Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The heart of June : (Just a Malaysian-yapsir.blogspot)

Maybe now is the time for all us not just talking about changing Malaysia for a better tomorrow. Time has come for us to reflects and ponder how to rescue our beloved nation from “foxes, snakes, scorpions and any other scavengers”. To save us from their lies, cheekiness, nepotism!
If we are to read what is really going in the daily happening, (of course not from the msm) we are facing judiciary unanswerable decision? , laws enforcing officers abusing of powers to arrest and to intimidate any one “man in black”? , and harassing the general public? And religions still an issue or issues that needed to let the public has a resting heart. How about a simple freedom of expression to address in the issues of the general public? Much attention to `clarify in many issues likes the use of the Bahasa words in religion issues and body of the death of people in religion conversion?

We seek for not just a change but an opportunity to let every Malaysian to have a say, a chance to participate in the transform of Malaysia to a place for every Malaysian to say, I am a Malaysian and proud to be a good, a conscious, a concern Malaysian.

We seek not just change it!

WE believed that human right is for anyone and everyone who live in Malaysia who choose the freedom of religion, freedom of speech,
freedom of expression and others, financially clean of bribes , public works accountability to the nation and to the people .!?

And I calling all the rakyat who love our nation our beloved country,
together we must and to do something to save our country we love from the hands and greed’s of the opportunists.
We, can be the 3rd force and the anak bangsa Malaysia.
To all bangsa anak Malaysia. Let us pray and do something!
Hidup rakyat Malaysia.

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  1. Good to see PAS splitting. God will finish them as well as UMNO.