Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time has come for me to stop for a while to ponder what have been going on the last two weeks.

I spent a litter more time over the webs by watching what is going on in Perak and our Nation.

To some,it causes them- tears;to some- anger;to others may have other feeling of digusting.

As for me I was sadden but laughing all the ways by watching monkeys,foxes and snake doing their best to take over the respected Dewan.Just a flesh over my mind of the old book-Animal Farm.(The content of the book may not similar with the incident,but I just borrowed it's title.)

Democracy have now becoming demo-crazy.

We may have diffrents views on the who is the rightful government,but judging from the comments of the ADUN,you will know who are the disgusting one.

Black colour has now become "Fear Factor"to Malaysian? or to the BN ? or to our Blue Boys?

As I continue this morning as the Parliament opens with another scenario of mockery of the people's representatives,espeacially those in cabinet.

From top of the rulling power to the enforcer of laws are just full of stories that make the nation known to other.

Malaysia needs changes,and must change!
Changes may take time,guts,effort,willingness and disire.
It is my prayer,my hope.That all and every Malaysian must participate to makes this change become a reality.
Saya anak bangsa Malaysia.

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