Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To all who would fast for the nation

A reflection.
I am hungry, not because there is no food but lacking of love,
I am thirsty, not because there are no water but desire of peace,
I am naked, not because of no clothing but my dignity was taken away
I am homeless, not because I have no shelter but I was marginalize,
I have no friends, not because there are no people but I was ……….
Let uss together make Malaysia a place for all.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Hari Malaysia reflection

My Hari Malaysia reflection
(Based on the called by Evangelist Ray Comfort)
Of many of the questions you will ask yourself today, as the Nation celebrates Hari Malaysia, probably the most important is what can I contribute and see our Nation “repent” in many of the wrongs they have committed. Starting from me, myself.As a Christian, let me just based this reflection by using the Ten Commandment.1. 'You shall have no other gods before Me.'Is God first in your life? Do you love God above all else?
Has our relationship with God turns into just mere religious practices?
Have you loved God with all your heart?
Have you loved humanity as much as you love yourself? You be the judge. 2. 'You shall not make for yourself any graven image.'Have I created a god to suits my likes and dislikes? Or making “him” who looks like me, who sounds like me, thinks like me and does things like me?
This means that we shouldn't make a god to suit ourselves,
Either with our hands or our mind. I am guilty of this often.
3. 'You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.'Have you ever taken God's name in vain? Or event giving a “bad” name of being a Christian.
What kind of Christianity am I portraying?
4. 'Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.'Have I really taken the Sabbath rest seriously, Rest is trusting in the faithfulness of God and fully reliance in who He is. It is not just time and space, it is the heart.

5. 'Honor your father and your mother.'Have you always honored your parents in a way that's pleasing in the sight of God? Ask Him to remind you of the sins of your youth. You may have forgotten them,
but God hasn't. And He will forgive6. 'You shall not murder.'Jesus warned that if we get angry without cause we are in danger of judgment. If we hate our brother, God calls us a murderer. We can violate God's Law by attitude and intent.7. 'You shall not commit adultery.'Who of us can say that we are pure of heart? Jesus warned, 'You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart.'
The purity of sex has now been “polluted” by so many influences.
We need to return to the very purity of mind, body and soul.
8. 'You shall not steal.'Have you ever taken something that belonged to someone else (irrespective of its value)?
9. 'You shall not bear false witness.'Have you ever told a lie? Then you are a liar. How many lies do you have to tell to be a liar?
Or should we put it in another way, have or dare we telling the truth?
On being fair, just and transparence?
10. 'You shall not covet.'That means we shouldn't desire anything that belongs to another person.
What are the things that I have taken away from other that they have no opportunities
To have it for their own simple right?

The above are some of my reflections as a Christian not just as a church goers, but more of been a citizen of the beloved land. What are the commandments in relating to the rakyat, the land and the constitution?
My prayer and my desire would be, a true repentance come to Malaysia that the nation will move on not just a developed country, but a mature “spiritually and physically” harmonize, and balance nation for all anak bangsa Malaysia.
Just a Malysian-yapsir

Monday, September 7, 2009

my heart or soul?




Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An immediate reflection

At first I was not really disturb by what has taken place in Shah Alam 23.Because the people and especially the Hindus would react rightly to what were instigated to them.But as our HM responded to the incident, I am shocked; sadden by the attitude and mindset of our national leader.They are out to protect the guilty but condemning the innocents.They have set the mind to make it an issue created by the Selangor PR governing inability. But I have my laugh on the other side, as I ponder on what they do and what were in their mind. How shallow are our leaders mind and their reasoning. What were in the mind of these people, we may guess. What they said and do, people can see.WE are to be very careful, because they are willing, capable to do anything for their cause.

The heart of Sept in chinese

对于轻蔑之罪 上个月因已故赵明福先生的事件,而在自己的“部落客”作出的反应。没想到八月:-这个所谓的“独立感恩月”却也发生那么多的事情,是我们大马的人民需要反省对于“马来西亚”我们的国家,如何看待身为公民;我们的权利;我们的权力;我们的责任。在希腊文里Huperephania,Huperephanos被译为多个意义,而不能以一两个字来形容。这是指人性所犯最严重的一种,也是最基本的一种罪。这是指着人骄傲自大,到了极其狂傲,傲慢非常甚至全然无理的心态。这个字是Huper-在上面+phainesthai-表现自己的人。这简单来说是“在上面来表现自己”。这个字在旧希腊文中通常用于在消极方面。这是指:-当人自视其高,自负非凡,轻视他人,招摇过市。这等人可因他自己因为富有;才干;权力;地位等。就鄙视他人,在街上对行人或个行的人不理不睬。买卖的态度有如专横霸道,口气压人到底。这等人过分的自傲而导致他们的生活在一种思维里存着嚣张的态度,把人和事都目空一切。这等人也可在外面假装谦卑与世无争,心中却是不把任何人放在眼内。他自己拥有的一切,令他不需要他人。这使他把他自己放在一切之上,甚至他认为“每一个人都有一个价码,是可以用钱来“买”的。这个的罪,严重到可以对上帝无理,这等人以经把自己当作是造物者而不是被造的,上帝对他来说只不过是他所“造出来”的,是专门被他“可使用”的“能力”。或者我们可以这么的说:-“除我以外,没有别的”。这是个非常可怕和邪恶的罪。回想当今的世代和国家所发生的事,我们可以说。我们的领袖若不悔改,我们有如正朝向一条毁灭的不归路,是失控于道德和信仰的持守心态与行为。