Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An immediate reflection

At first I was not really disturb by what has taken place in Shah Alam 23.Because the people and especially the Hindus would react rightly to what were instigated to them.But as our HM responded to the incident, I am shocked; sadden by the attitude and mindset of our national leader.They are out to protect the guilty but condemning the innocents.They have set the mind to make it an issue created by the Selangor PR governing inability. But I have my laugh on the other side, as I ponder on what they do and what were in their mind. How shallow are our leaders mind and their reasoning. What were in the mind of these people, we may guess. What they said and do, people can see.WE are to be very careful, because they are willing, capable to do anything for their cause.

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